We specialise in sales of London off-market real estate. We connect buyers to sellers employing absolute discretion and confidentiality. Owners who choose to sell their properties privately do so for genuine reasons. We are obligated to preserve their privacy and provide a professional service to both buyers and sellers.

Another reason for selling property off market is that these properties tend to attract serious investors with an ability to complete more quickly.  


If you are considering a London property purchase you will prefer to have professionals take care of the tedium and footwork. This time consuming work can become expensive and frustrating as you progress towards eventual completion.

There can be stumbling blocks along the way with sellers changing their minds perhaps. Other parties have already made offers without your knowledge and you are no longer first in line, or a potential purchaser is already in place. Just some of the hurdles that may occur during your search. We will endeavour to eliminate or minimise these issues and smooth the path to your successful acquisition.


Our experience qualifications and professional knowledge are some of the qualities London Prime Real Estate bring to assisting your successful purchase. 

An additional part of our service is to conduct a level of due diligence on both buyer and seller.


Unless previously negotiated we do not charge sales fees to the property seller. The general rule is we receive our fees from the buyer.